THRD - Tunable Harmonic Resonance Device

Manufacturing and Assembly should take 2 Months
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This is the THRD, a tailpiece for Jazzmasters and Jaguars that lets you tune the strings directly behind the bridge.  Due to the chaotic nature of over-the-bridge playing; this device will let those notes be more predictable which allows you to create more beautiful (or ugly) sounds with more intent.  Each slider fits strings up to 0.113" gauge and down to any size, and can adjust the full length of the slot.  

With a stacked plate design, the brass sliders will slip over your guitar body outside of the normal vibrato / whammy cavity without modification to your instrument. The slots and existing cavity will help with harmonic resonance, and the lack of any notches means the sliders are very easy to adjust to new settings for fresh experimentation.

Each bridge plate is laser cut and shipped to in house.  They are then hand welded together, remaining tapping and countersinking by hand; and the brass sliders and string retainer are machined entirely out of brass in house as well.



  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel / 360 Brass

  • String Ferrule: 0.113" Diameter String Hole, 1/4" Diameter String End Retainer

  • String Spacing: 0.41" Spacing between each string

  • Break Angle: 0.301" from Body to Bottom-most point on Slider

  • Weight: Plate, Tail, and 6 assemble sliders are just under 10 oz

  • Break Angle: 0.301" from Body to Bottom-most point on Slider

  • Includes: 6 Mounting Bolts (Stainless Steel, Black Oxide Steel, or Brass), 3/32 Hex L-key, extra slider / screws / nut




In practical terms, it is what is known as a "third bridge", which neither replaces nor assists the normal bridge in it's duty to intonate the string and create a break angle; but instead creates an addition string break by a cantilever slider where the string is under to maintain a healthy break angle.  This additional break angle, combined with the slider's ability to move, let's you effectively tune the notes that are behind the bridge.

This could be that you want to have the harmonic overtones be more in key and predictable, or this could be because you want to play behind the bridge and have each note selected for that.  Maybe you want to use a pick up behind the bridge and send that signal to your board to create additional harp-like overtones.  It is basically here to let you make you wonder what wild sounds can you dream up.

As a Technical aside, the THRD actually shifts the entire labeling of parts.  The THRD becomes the bridge, and your normal bridge becomes the third bridge; but in all honesty, that is a technicality and way too technical to technical the technical.



For a Jazzmaster or Jaguar; it will fit without going over the edge.  For any other instrument, I haven't been able to check the technical information.  The important numbers are: Overall length is just over 5.5"; and the overall string height needs to be higher than 0.301" since the break angle on the THRD is not adjustable.

ATTN BASS VI: Your string length is almost maxed out, most string manufactures have a taper between the nut and first tuner.  This tailpiece adds another 2" of string length to the design, so be absolutely sure your strings can handle the extra length requirement.



YES: Most seasoned guitarist can probably do this, yes.

BUT READ THIS:  There is the technical overhead of intonating these sliders.  If that task seems boring or tedious to you; then I highly suggest not getting this.  It is designed to be both "set it and forget it" and "change without fuss"; but you should plan on wanting to change these overtones. 



SHORT ANSWER, YES:  Custom lengths or angles for custom builds can be accomodated with some caviats.  In general, expect to pay considerably more if you need it to be custom designed.